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Tips for helping kids cope with the change of a divorce

Figuring out how to have those tough conversations with kids is the difference between a good parent and a great parent. Few conversations are as difficult as the one in which parents have to sit down and explain to their kids that they are going to divorce. There are ways to help kids adjust and cope with this change in their lives.

Whether kids are elementary school age or teenagers, they will have to cope with and process the change in their parents' marital status. Regardless of their age, it is recommended to be as straightforward as possible without sharing too many details. Encourage any questions or communication from kids about the family law process without over-sharing.

KS child custody disputes can be brought to a satisfactory end

When it comes to your child, there is nothing you wouldn't do for them. Parental instincts can become really pronounced during child custody disputes when parents are in disagreement about how the child custody arrangement should look. When parents are at opposite ends of the spectrum on this issue, it can cause a big dispute.

Oftentimes, divorcing parents have the toughest time coming to an agreement on a chid custody arrangement. Sometimes other factors are affecting their judgement or their emotions, which is often understandable. However, it is best to keep disagreements between you and your spouse separate from the child custody arrangement. Try to focus on your ex-spouse's parenting abilities and relationship with your child when thinking about the child custody arrangement.

Why might as Kansas resident be awarded alimony?

When a marriage goes sour, it can give people a lot of anxiety thinking about the divorce process. However, the more one knows about the divorce process, the better they can prepare themselves and their family for the change. One subject that can cause a lot of stress is spousal support.

Spousal support, or alimony, is awarded in some situations when two people divorce. Alimony is a court-ordered sum that one ex-spouse makes to the other. The payments are often assigned when there is a large income gap between the partners and one spouse made educational or career advancements in lieu of the other spouse.

Determining parenting time in a joint-custody arrangement

Determining child custody specifics is crucial under Kansas family law. It can be positive for a child to have shared and planned parenting time with both parents, even if they are living separate lives from each other. If a joint-custody arrangement is likely for you and your child's parent, determining parenting time is part of the arrangement. Of course, there are other details to hammer out in a joint custody arrangement.

Joint custody is a term given to a child custody situation in which parents of a child share custody. Sometimes this means sharing legal custody, but it almost always means sharing physical custody. Physical custody is different from legal custody in that it is where the child resides, and legal custody covers big decisions in a child's life such as schooling and religious decisions.

Financial advice for Overland Park couples in a divorce

With Spring in full-swing, many Overland Park families take this as a time to address some Spring cleaning. However, for Overland Park couples who have decided to get a divorce, de-cluttering and organizing are just two things on a longer list. Applying Spring cleaning tactics to your financial organizing can yield some surprising and helpful results when in the middle of a property division with your spouse.

Spring cleaning one's finances can lead to finding assets or liabilities one may not have known were present in a couple's marriage. Locating and getting a valuation on these financial aspects can be crucial to understanding where you and your spouse stand financially, and where you may stand individually after a divorce has completed. This is also a great time to plan a budget according to your post-divorce needs and income. It's important to know that the standard of living can change when going from 'we' to 'me'.

Ways a prenuptial agreement could be found invalid during divorce

When getting a divorce, many people have questions about finances and other aspects that can drastically change when you go from coupled to single. Some couples sign prenuptial agreements before entering their marriage. The reasons behind signing a prenuptial agreement vary, but there are some requirements to ensure that they are valid if a time comes in which they need to be referenced. When a couple decides to get a divorce, it's time to examine the prenuptial agreement to determine if it's valid.

Believe it or not, a prenuptial agreement can be found invalid for several different reasons. For example, the agreement must be in writing and it must have been signed by both parties before the wedding to be valid. If one spouse was pressured into signing the agreement, it would be deemed invalid. If one spouse provided false information on the prenuptial agreement, it can be found invalid.

What are important tips to get through a divorce?

Kansas couples who find themselves going through a divorce can face many difficulty decisions. For some, property division is the most pressing issue. For others, issues dealing with their children, such as child custody, child support and visitation plans can be the most important factors in the divorce. And, throughout the whole process, the soon-to-be ex-spouses will likely be reaching out to others to find out what the best strategy is for moving forward. So, what are some important tips for couples to remember when going through a divorce in Kansas?

Well, for starters, perhaps, the most important tip is to keep a level-head. The decisions that are made in the course of a divorce can, and likely will, have a lifelong impact. It is important to be reasonable with demands that are made and put aside emotions, whenever possible.

Common-law marriage becomes a family law issue in Kansas

Some of our readers may not know it, but Kansas is one of only eight states that still recognizes common-law marriages. A common-law marriage occurs when a couple agrees to a marriage, but they do not have a marriage license or a formal marriage ceremony. However, according to a recent article, this family law institution may be abolished soon.

As the recent article noted, there is currently a piece of proposed legislation making its way through the Kansas House that would put an end to common-law marriage starting in July of this year. No common-law marriages purportedly entered into from that date forward would be recognized as legal. All common-law marriages prior to that date would still be recognized as legal.

Getting a child custody agreement modification in Kansas

Anyone in Kansas who has to go through the process of hammering out a child custody agreement with a soon-to-be ex-spouse knows that this can be the most emotionally challenging part of a divorce. After all, in the vast majority of cases, the parents involved want what is best for their children, and many parents will rightfully think that they are the ones who would provide the most stable family life in a post-divorce atmosphere. But, being subject to a child custody order is part of the divorce process that the parents must accept.

In the best case scenario, the child custody order will come from an agreement between the parties that is simply submitted to the court for ratification. When parents can agree out of court on an arrangement that is best for the children, everyone involved benefits. In some cases though, the parties are unable to come to an agreement, and it is then up to the court to make an order that is in the best interests of the child.

Kansas residents face a wide range of family law issues

There are not many people who take pleasure in having their personal family issues and grievances aired. However, in some cases, this becomes a necessity, such as when a couple goes through a divorce or when unmarried couples fight over child custody and support. Change is one of the only things in life that is certain, and in many cases, that means litigation involving family law issues is inevitable.

Of course, most people who have a situation that is steering toward family law litigation would probably be best served by attempting to work out the issue outside of court. Take, for example, a divorce.


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