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Helping You Protect Your Child’s Interests And Your Parenting Rights

Child custody and support agreements can provoke heated disputes between parents regardless of their marital status. Whether you are negotiating the terms of your financial obligations or establishing a parenting plan, it’s easy to let emotions cloud your judgment and limit your perspective. A steadfast, skilled legal ally can help you keep your focus on your child’s best interests and also protect your rights.

Kansas and Missouri courts release opinions every week that may affect your parental rights.  Remaining familiar with these legal developments is a must, and Mr. Walker and his staff review these decisions each week within hours after their release by the Appellate Courts of Kansas and Missouri.

Countless parents in the Kansas City metro area have relied on Reed Walker when they are struggling with family law issues related to child custody or financial orders of support. Mr. Walker provides tailored representation to unmarried parents, parents pursuing separation or divorce, and those needing assistance with post-judgment matters. When you retain Reed Walker, P.A., our team will work closely with you to find an effective, positive solution.

Advocating For Fair Custody Agreements

In Kansas, judges do not automatically grant mothers sole custody as they may have in the past. Today, the child’s best interests shape the terms of a child custody agreement. Mr. Walker has a broad understanding of state custody laws, which he uses to draft and negotiate agreements that defend your parenting rights. He can also help you design a parenting plan that accounts for your family’s unique concerns and needs.

Looking Out For Your Child’s Financial Welfare

Unlike alimony or spousal maintenance, child support is a required financial obligation. Kansas and Missouri family court judges use state guidelines to determine what each parent owes.

The formula sets a baseline for a support order, not a limit, which is why it’s important to speak to a qualified lawyer about your circumstances. Walker knows how to make a compelling case that will reflect your unique financial situation and safeguard your child’s welfare.

Modifying Agreements After A Divorce

Life can change in unanticipated ways after the terms of a support or custody order are approved. Fortunately, the terms of your agreement or order are not set in stone. Courts usually retain jurisdiction to modify child support, parenting time, and custody agreements and orders until children reach the age of majority.  Modifying child custody and child support orders allows you to address issues that arise due to a significant change in circumstances.

These changes may include a relocation, a new job, an unforeseen illness or another major life change that affects a parent’s ability to adhere to the original terms of an agreement. As your advocate, Mr. Walker will guide you through the process and assert your interests in court.

Seeking Cost-Effective Solutions In All Matters

We also offer mediation services to clients who agree to work together to find common ground on a variety of family law issues. Engaging in mediation can help you save money, limit the time you spend on your legal matter and enable you to retain control over the decision-making process. We invite you to contact our Overland Park office to learn whether you could benefit from this cost-effective approach.

Begin Working Toward Your Resolution Today

Speak with a skilled legal professional at our firm and take the first step toward addressing your issue. You can reach us online or over the phone at [913-214-0235.