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Offering Skilled Counsel On Estate Planning And Probate Issues

It’s natural to feel unsure about the years ahead. However, there are legal tools that you can use to protect your loved ones and the things you value. A well-written estate plan can help you safeguard your interests today and assert control over an uncertain future.

The legal team at Reed Walker, P.A., offers comprehensive estate planning and probate services to individuals and families throughout the Kansas City metro area. As our client, you will benefit from the customized estate plans that our firm founder, Reed Walker, creates to address your wishes. We can also advise you on the estate administration process and represent you in probate disputes.

What Are Your Estate Planning Concerns?

Developing an effective estate plan is a group effort that takes time, reflection and legal knowledge. Before Walker writes the legal documents that will comprise your plan, he will listen to your concerns and identify the tools that will allow you to accomplish your goals.

Mr. Walker has helped numerous clients:

  • Minimize tax obligations
  • Identify guardians for their children
  • Transfer assets and shield assets from creditors
  • Select individuals to look after their financial well-being or medical needs in the event of incapacitation
  • Establish plans for distributing assets and property

Mr. Walker is qualified to create wills, trusts, guardianships and other estate planning instruments. Having practiced law for over 30 years, he knows how to design detailed legal documents that clearly spell out your wishes.

Do You Need Assistance With The Probate Process Or A Dispute?

Probating a will in Kansas can be a confusing and lengthy process if you do not have a strong legal background. Whether you are a Kansas resident or live out of state, we can guide you through this process and clear up any confusion you have along the way.

In the event that a will contest or other dispute arises during probate, Mr. Walker can advocate for you. He is a gifted litigator and efficient mediator, able to resolve complex and contentious matters promptly. We understand that emotions are raw after a loved one passes. You can rely on us to handle your case with the professionalism and compassion it requires.

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