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Tips for helping kids cope with the change of a divorce

Figuring out how to have those tough conversations with kids is the difference between a good parent and a great parent. Few conversations are as difficult as the one in which parents have to sit down and explain to their kids that they are going to divorce. There are ways to help kids adjust and cope with this change in their lives.

Why might as Kansas resident be awarded alimony?

When a marriage goes sour, it can give people a lot of anxiety thinking about the divorce process. However, the more one knows about the divorce process, the better they can prepare themselves and their family for the change. One subject that can cause a lot of stress is spousal support.

Common-law marriage becomes a family law issue in Kansas

Some of our readers may not know it, but Kansas is one of only eight states that still recognizes common-law marriages. A common-law marriage occurs when a couple agrees to a marriage, but they do not have a marriage license or a formal marriage ceremony. However, according to a recent article, this family law institution may be abolished soon.

Kansas residents face a wide range of family law issues

There are not many people who take pleasure in having their personal family issues and grievances aired. However, in some cases, this becomes a necessity, such as when a couple goes through a divorce or when unmarried couples fight over child custody and support. Change is one of the only things in life that is certain, and in many cases, that means litigation involving family law issues is inevitable.

Family law issues for unmarried couples in Kansas

Most of our Kansas readers know that couples going through a divorce will have to face quite a few potentially complicated legal issues during that process. However, what some people may not realize is that unmarried couples can find themselves dealing with difficult family law issues as well.

What are direct and indirect expenses related to child support?

While there is no doubt that child support is important to the children and primary caregivers involved in a divorce, there can be confusion regarding child support rules. While parents were married, many just have a joint pool of money. If the kids need shoes, the family gets them some shoes. The kids have to go to preschool, so the family funds go toward preschool.


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