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Determining parenting time in a joint-custody arrangement

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Child Custody

Determining child custody specifics is crucial under Kansas family law. It can be positive for a child to have shared and planned parenting time with both parents, even if they are living separate lives from each other. If a joint-custody arrangement is likely for you and your child’s parent, determining parenting time is part of the arrangement. Of course, there are other details to hammer out in a joint custody arrangement.

Joint custody is a term given to a child custody situation in which parents of a child share custody. Sometimes this means sharing legal custody, but it almost always means sharing physical custody. Physical custody is different from legal custody in that it is where the child resides, and legal custody covers big decisions in a child’s life such as schooling and religious decisions.

At the Law Offices of Reed Walker PA, we know just how important it is to determine the little details that make a child custody arrangement clear and fair for everyone involved. Since child custody arrangements hinge greatly on individual circumstances, it is important to craft one that fits the needs of the parents and the child involved. Above all, the best interests of the child are prized above any other factor that may be affected by the arrangement, according to how family law courts treat custody decisions.

Parenting time can be shared and be very equal if two parents are able and agree. In most cases, one parent may actually have the majority of the physical and legal custody, even if parents agree to share. This is just how things can play out, as it may be in the best interests of the child to do so. Every situation is different and designing a parenting plan that works best for you and your family is why we’re here.