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Some basic points if you are thinking about adoption

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2016 | Family Law

Family law isn’t just about divorce. All kinds of important, personal matters can fall under the umbrella of family law in Kansas. Adoption is one of those issues that can be best addressed with the guidance of a family law attorney.

Are you thinking about adopting a child or children? That decision takes a lot of soul searching in many situations. For some, the matter of adoption comes naturally. Adopting a child is just the right, best thing to do.

Some who turn to adoption do so because there is already a child in their life whom they want to call their own. A common example of this is when a stepparent wants to step into the role as adoptive parent to a partner’s child or children. 

This family law matter can be complicated and very sensitive. To become an adoptive parent, the biological parent has to relinquish his or her parental rights to the child in the case. That can be a tough decision for a biological parent to make. 

Relinquishing parental rights in the case of a stepparent adoption takes away the bio parent’s rights and also strips them of their duty to provide child support. Families should understand that when seeking a legal stepparent adoption and figure that financial reality into the potential family future.

Of course, there are those stepparent adoption cases in which a biological parent does not want to give up their rights as a parent. If there are serious concerns regarding the bio parent’s fitness to be a parent or their past and present behavior, it is still possible to fight for the termination of their parental rights. 

The well-being of the children in our society is of utmost importance. Kids need stability and safety. They deserve security and the love of their family. If you believe that adoption is important to the well-being of a child or children in your life, talk to a family law attorney experienced in Kansas adoption.