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How will Halloween fit into your parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2016 | Child Custody

In the past on this Kansas family law blog, we discussed the child custody matter of parenting plans. These plans are essential in family law cases in Kansas and Missouri. They are meant to set guidelines, expectations and responsibilities for the parents involved. Most importantly, parenting plans are supposed to be blueprints about how to best serve the well-being of the children involved. 

Speaking of children, for many little ones, a favorite time of year is just days away. Halloween comes next week. For divorced families with kids, the holiday of ghosts, ghouls, giggles and treats also can come with some concerns and needed conversations.

You and your children’s parent should have addressed in your parenting plan what is expected on holidays. Who has the kids on what holiday? How is the time to be shared? Religious matters might also be addressed in the parenting plan in regards to celebrating certain holidays.

Are you and your ex arguing about who will have the kids on Halloween? Perhaps looking to your parenting plan could help resolve the situation. Maybe you didn’t specify what you wanted for the particular holiday. In that case, we hope that you and your ex are able to have an amicable conversation about the custody and visitation setup and come to an agreement that suits both of you and, of course, your kids.

In cases where exes get along, it can work for some families to all go trick-or-treating together. This can be a healthy arrangement that shows the kids that a family still exists even if a marriage is over. For those families wherein the parents don’t get along and shouldn’t spend time together, hopefully the parents can work out a plan with which they are both comfortable and that protects the fun of the kids’ Halloween.

Divorce is complicated, but it can work to benefit everyone involved. If you are in the process of divorce and have kids, think about any holidays, dates or celebrations that are special to you. You and your family law attorney could work to create a parenting plan that reflects the importance you place on those occasions, while balancing what is fair and best for the kids.