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What will my divorce lawyer need from me?

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2016 | Divorce

For some, the decision to get a divorce comes after years and years of anxiety over the matter. For others, the decision hits them like a bolt of lightning. Something happens in their life or marriage that makes that light bulb go off, signaling, “No more.”

Whether filing for divorce happened after deep, lengthy contemplation or a spontaneous a-ha moment, the process itself takes some planning and preparation in order to get to an end result that is best for you. The formalities needed throughout the divorce process make it important to have family law attorney whom you trust on your side from the get-go.

Few people like paperwork. The court and your divorce lawyer will need various documents when figuring out the financial terms of your divorce. They will need evidence of the following information and more: 

  • Personal tax returns
  • Business tax returns
  • W-2s
  • 1099s
  • Earning statements
  • List of assets
  • List of debts

You should work with your divorce lawyer before filing for divorce and provide your legal team with this information as soon as possible. It will need to be filed with the court. Giving your attorney a clear, thorough picture of the family’s overall financial situation helps him or her better understand the current situation, as well as the potential complexities and opportunities your family law case will present. 

At this point it might sound like divorce in Kansas and Missouri is all about the money. While your financial situation and future security are extremely important to monitor throughout the family law process, there is another aspect about which you are likely even more concerned: your children. 

Our next post will discuss what needs to be filed regarding your kids and their future with you and your ex.