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What are some of the positives that divorce provides?

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2016 | Divorce

There is no doubt about it. There is a stigma attached with divorce. The often misguided notion that getting a divorce is a failure keeps many men and women in unhappy marriages for too long. It keeps too many children in the homes of unhappy moms and dads. 

The Huffington Post recognizes that divorce isn’t a negative thing. It can be a positive life-changer for various parties involved: the spouses, children, their family and even their friends. Here are a few reasons why divorce can be worth welcoming and celebrating:

A Fresh Start

Having a normal routine can be nice. There are few surprises in your day-to-day life. You know what your morning, afternoon and evenings will be like with your spouse and family. But after divorce, the chance of something better exists. Sure, the unknown can be daunting, but what if that unknown becomes so much better than your past with your ex? 

Teach Your Kids 

While many parents feel like they are hurting their kids through divorce, kids are observant. They see how their mom and dad treat each other. They can sense unhappiness. Not only do they sense and see behaviors, but they also learn from them. Leaving an unhappy relationship might protect kids from the belief that the dysfunction is normal and healthy. 

You Can Change

Everyone can benefit by reevaluating their lives and perhaps branching out. During your marriage, were there hobbies or interests you neglected maybe because your ex didn’t share those interests with you? Maybe they thought they were silly. Maybe you were too busy or too stressed to practice a sport you loved but are re-energized now to dive back in. A new sense of independence can boost one’s sense of self and the motivation to rediscover lost or new passions.


Few people get married with the desire to divorce in the future. A happy marriage that lasts forever is a fabulous thing — but that doesn’t mean divorce doesn’t come with its own fabulous results. Working with a family lawyer who understands that divorce can set you up for a new, happier chapter can help ensure that there is greatness in your future.